Lyndon Jost

For the final installment in our series on justice, Grace Toronto Downtown's Assistant Pastor Lyndon Jost will give a talk titled "Gendering Society: A Historical Perspective." 


Individuals, families and societies have everywhere and always been structured and constructed along clearly gendered lines. Human being is gendered being. Still, with all of the great societal advancements toward gender equality, it is important that we seriously consider both where we came from and where we're going. As we rush toward "gender sameness" for the sake of equality, we need to consider not only what we gain from such a radical change, but also what we lose.

From the onset of modern feminist movements, it appears one of the great strategies for overcoming gender inequality has been the march toward gender sameness, an elision of gender distinctiveness. To be sure, much has been gained as a result, but it is important to consider also what is being lost. As gendered beings, where did we come from and where are we going? And how can we appreciate and celebrate, rather than obstruct and diminish, the distinctness of the genders?