"Synthetic Humph" by Robert Hengeveld

"Synthetic Humph" by Robert Hengeveld

Art [ in:through:against ] Religion

From religious kitsch to the periodic call to boycott an art exhibition or film, the relationship between art and religion has been nothing if not enduring and varied. 

"Art [ in:through:against ] Religion" explores the changing place of religion throughout art history and within contemporary art practice today. 

Through examples from his own art practice, alongside other historical and contemporary artworks, Hengeveld journeys through the place of religion within art, how it can be considered and engaged. His talk examines art from religious, non-religious and anti-religious perspectives and unpacks the potential value that can be found within each.

This is a discussion crafted for the artist as well as the non-artist, and addresses both a religious and secular perspective.

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In his article, "Cross Culture: Christian Imagery in Modern Art," Rob Hengeveld explores the many and often contentious depictions of Christ and Christian themes in modern art and culture. Hengeveld encourages viewers to engage in intellectual conversation concerning both positive and negative depictions of religious subject matter, instead of dismissing work that seems confrontational or polarizing. Through this dialogue, he suggests a great deal can be learned.