Seeking truth, together, locally.

If you ride the TTC, you may have noticed the ad campaign by Advertising Standards Canada. Its posters declare, “Creativity is subjective. The truth isn’t. Truth in Advertising Matters.”

We agree. And we find this provocative. Truth matters in advertising -- does it matter elsewhere? Is truth malleable? What happens when you put ‘the’ in front of ‘truth’? Talk about ‘truth’ fell out of fashion in the last century, as postmodern thinkers argued that it’s an oppressive tool in the hands of the powerful. But at West End Talks we aren’t so cynical. We’re convinced that seeking the truth is vital to living well.

West End Talks was birthed from the vision to see people with different backgrounds come together in a forum of public dialogue. It’s sponsored by a church, Grace Toronto Church, to seek truth in all aspects of life.

Our speakers bring personal and professional expertise to their topics. They lead us to delve into the facets of art, architecture, politics, law, and music. From the ground of each topic, they ask the questions, “what is true?” and “how does faith in Jesus of Nazareth speak to this?” We invite you to join the conversation.